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Operations Director & FA Registered Intermediary

Darren joined EHM to oversee a diverse range of both national and international football recruitment matters. He has over 20 years of commercial experience within the professional sport and investment sectors and knows what it takes to get the best outcome for EHM’s clients.


Darren relishes in the opportunity to develop the next generation of EHM’s clients and guide their careers in the most successful direction.

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Head of Legal & Commercial

Michael has worked on various high profile commercial deals within the professional football industry and routinely advises players on a variety of transactions across all levels of the “beautiful game”.  


His legal background is invaluable as contracts and financial considerations are both essential aspects of modern professional football.  


Michael has established relationships at senior levels of the game which have allowed him to broker the best possible deals for EHM’s clients.  

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Finance Director & FA Registered Intermediary

Graham has over 30 years of experience in advising both professional footballers and professional football clubs on commercial and taxation consequences.

He was the nominated taxation advisor to the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) for several years and has personally acted for over 40 Premier League footballers.


His financial expertise translates easily into the modern football world as numbers remain a fundamental element of a player’s career.

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Football Consultant & Recruitment Manager

Tom is an ex-professional footballer with experience of playing both in England and Scotland for teams such as Bristol City and Motherwell.


He is based in the West of England and brings a new outlook to the EHM team in identifying the best youth footballing talent across the United Kingdom.

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Football Ambassador

With 127 Premier League appearances for Bolton Wanderers and over 250 EFL appearances for various clubs, Nicky understands what it takes to succeed in the modern professional game.


His 20 years of professional footballing experience is valued by both EHM's younger clients who are just starting their journey as well as more established professionals.


Although still actively playing Nicky always finds the time to provide guidance and support to EHM's clients when they call.

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Football Consultant

Paul’s main role is spotting young talent from across the United Kingdom. He has developed extensive contacts at various clubs across the Premier League and EFL and more recently, has been assisting the team with the identification of talent in Africa and the United States.

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Head of Social Media

Altug has been successfully managing digital marketing campaigns for large international corporations and well known internet personalities for over 5 years.
During his time with EHM he has played a crucial role in developing our clients’ images and virtual presence. Altug recognises the importance which social media plays in EHM’s clients careers and he is trusted by them to maintain and market their social media platforms to the highest possible standards.

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